Slim Fit Nighttime Curl Defenders by *BUFF


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***BUFF head wraps are FINAL SALE.  If your head is on the large size, choose the Original version instead, and not this Slimfit version*** 

Use this slim fit size tubular head wrap to protect your curls at night while you sleep, shower (under a shower cap), ride bikes, do yoga, go for a massage, garden... you get the picture  Great for hair of any length, and especially great for travel.  These are made for small heads and kids!  Extend your curls for multiple days when in use.

  • To use, put the tube down onto your neck like a scarf, then flip your hair out of it.  Put your head upside-down and pull one end of the curl defender down over the hair so that when you stand up, your hair looks like Marge Simpson ;)  Sleep over night with your hair protected and make it much easier to refresh it and go multiple days before washing again.  You can shower by putting a shower cap over your Curl Defender, then when you're ready to refresh your hair you can gently peel it off and voila. Sometimes little to no refreshing is required!

To watch how it's worn, please view my video on 'how to wear a curl defender' on my Facebook business page. 

*Introduced in 1992, BUFF® is the original multifunctional headwear made in Spain.  With Original BUFF® the tubular headwear category was created and since then has developed into a must-have item for active people around the world.
BUFF® stands for versatile, lightweight, packable and protection from dust, wind, cold and sun.

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