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Mini Clips (12 pack)

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Ever look at curly girls whose root volume is out of this world and wonder how on earth they're doing it? The answer is CLIPPING! These are the same little pin-curl clips that have been around for decades but now put to new use. All types of curl or wave can benefit from some great root volume to round out your look and prevent hair that's stuck to your scalp then voluminous the rest of the way down. There are many different ways you can clip so it's important to play around and find what works best. Generally speaking, no matter which method you choose, apply clips at the root when hair has already started to dry (otherwise the hair, when very wet, is heavy and can pull the clip down). Excellent on wash day but you can also slightly dampen your roots on multiple day hair, stick those clips back in and diffuse for a few minutes to give your hair lift and life without starting all over again!
  • Small clips are easier to handle
  • Sold in pack of 12

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