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Denman D3 Brushes

Denman D3 Brushes

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Contrary to popular belief, many curls CAN be brushed! Use this brush on WET HAIR for even product distribution. Use during conditioner step after finger detangling and before you "squish to condish". Then use again after you've applied your styling product. For bigger clumps, trickle water back over your curls after using the Denman brush. This brush has 7 rows of teeth that are removable if you wish.   Comes in Original and Russian Grey.

  • Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair
  • Smooth nylon pins in an anti static, natural rubber paddle
  • Pin section can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Use on individual wet curls on multiple day hair to redefine
  • Can be used on most curl types - give it a try!
  • Brush sections at the crown straight up and away from the scalp for instant root volume