Mop Top Clarifying Rescue Treatment & Detox Shampoo

Mop Top

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Mop Top Clarifying Rescue Treatment & Detox Shampoo

This is a “Super Shampoo” – designed to reset the hair and remove yucky build-up caused by minerals, silicone, chlorine, shea butter, and any other product build-up.  Use this product before applying nourishing and styling products, or before you color or highlight to allow the color to adhere better and last longer.  Suggested use for this product is once every 4-6 weeks.  A little goes a long way!

***Mop Top Clarifying Rescue Treatment is the same as the Mop Top Detox Shampoo. They are just in the middle of a rebranding of this product with a new name and packaging and still have old packaging in stock***

  • Best for all curl types including fine and thin hair
  • Rids hair of buildup from heavy silicone, oils, waxes and chlorine
  • Leaves hair soft
  • Use no more than once a week (usually 1-2 a month depending on your activities and water quality)
  • Leaves moisture in hair

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