Styling Creams

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    You've cleansed and conditioned and you're ready for the next step. Choose one of these styling creams to add curl definition, minimize frizz, and get the right amount of moisture for your curls.  They don't have much hold, but definitely deliver an extra moisture boost and are great added to your winter routine; even if you just a a drop into the ends of your wet hair.  Rake or glide into the hair for extra moisture and added control.  Start with half a pump, or a dime size amount applied to soaking wet hair after you're done with your conditioner.  They will help cut down on frizz, add shine and definition.  You will know you've used too much when your hair appears stringy (curls are more separated than usual unless you want that look) or it will feel weighed down.  

    Pro Tip:

    • These creams should be used in small amounts, as too much can weigh down your curls and are best used on thicker or curly/coily hair patterns.

    Read product descriptions for more info.