Leave in Conditioners & Detanglers

These products are great for anyone with really dry feeling hair, someone who struggles with frizz, and for kids as a leave in styling product since they don't usually use styling products at a young age. It helps to keep the hair tangle free and manageable.  You can apply them on wet hair usually for best results.  These also work great as part of a mixture of water and the product ( drop of product in to a palmful of water) to refresh your curls on days you're not washing.  I find smoothing my wet hands down individual curls and then scrunching seems to bring them back to life best.  Diffusing after that will give them a boost. 

Pro Tip: 

  • Apply a nickel size amount to the middle and ends of the hair on soaking wet hair.  The more curly your hair, the closer you can get to the roots with the product without weighing down the hair.  
  • If your hair is fine or thin, you may want to just apply it to the ends or avoid this product all together. 

Read product descriptions for more details.