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Curly Hair Solutions Tweek

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Curl Keeper® Tweek™ is the first ever hairspray in a cream form for curly hair. This revolutionary product is a great way to fine tune your curly hairstyle and can be used on any curl types. Using Tweek™ will allow you to bring back the bounce to curly hair, so plan "B" days turn into plan "A" days. Tweek™ is a styling cream that does for curly hair what hairspray does for straight hair. It is a very versatile product as it can be used for several different applications. No two curly heads are the same, so “Tweeking” your curly hairstyle back to life can easily be adjusted.  Tweek™ is water soluble product that does not damage hair. It does not contain drying alcohol or silicones, which can damage the hair and create product buildup. Tweek™ is non-sticky and has a nice clean, light natural scent. Hat-headed or bed-headed flat spots are such an aggravation that some people wash their clean curls just to restyle them. Tweek™ will restore curly hair for days and days after it is styled. Unfortunately curly hair does not respond to straight hair products such as, hairsprays, pomades waxes, oils and grease. These products help support straight hair styles but have an opposite effect on curly hair.

  • Best for all curl types
  • Hair spray in cream form
  • Can use wet as final product before dry
  • Can use dry to break cast
  • Massage into roots for volume

Insider Tips: Tweek can be used on wet hair (last to apply before drying) to speed up the drying process and increase your hold factor, or after the hair is dry you can use it to create more volume in your finished style by applying a pea size to your fingertips and then massaging into the roots in the area where you'd like to see more volume. 

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