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DevaCurl The Curl Maker Spray Gel

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DevaCurl The Curl Maker Spray Gel

If you want to unleash your natural curly and wavy texture, you've found the right styler!  This lightweight spray gel amplifies and holds texture, plus redefines 2nd-day curls. It's made with a soothing, strengthening blend of sunflower, lemongrass, and wheat and soy proteins.  

  • Best for all hair types, especially fine hair
  • Firm hold
  • Use when hair is half dry on hands while breaking the cast and then continue to dry your hair (Smasters Technique)
  • For curly and super curly hair, add at the end of your routine for more hold
  • When added as the last product before drying hair it keeps frizz at bay
  • Can be used before/after clipping for more hold at roots
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How to use:

  • To say buh-bye to frizz and hello to effortless texture, spritz onto to wet or dry curls and scrunch in an upward motion.
  • To tame flyaways, apply where needed and smooth with your hands.
  • Spray gel can be put in hands first and then scrunched into the hair, or spray it on your curls after your done applying your gel for extra hold (and glide hands down over any frizz if you see it) before you start to clip or dry your hair. 

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