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    The general rule of thumb for styling is the more curly your hair is, the more you will want to apply your products in sections. The more wavy the hair, the more you will tend to apply these products with a gliding or petting motion called Prayer method. These products are also known as 'sealers' to seal in moisture and are the last products to be applied to your hair before drying. Different curl patterns and hair types like different types of styling gels or custards, and different people like different levels of hold. Whether you're looking for a light to medium hold, a strong hold, or a spray gel; check out these products below to find the one that best suits your hair!  

    This products are best applied to the hair when it is soaking wet, and if you've applied a curl booster then these products go right on top after.  You can rake them, brusht them in or glide them on, but here's the general rule of thumb:

    • The curlier your hair, you're more likely to rake products in or apply them using a Denman brush or Flexy Brush(carried here in the online store).  
    • The less curly or wavy the hair type, the more you'll likely benefit from gliding product on down the hair shaft to keep curls together.  
    • Exception: If you're a wavy and you prefer your curls separated, rake in your products. 

    Pro tips:

    • Add a quick splash of COLD water to your scalp and let it trickle down over the hair after applying to bring your curls back together and close the cuticle.  
    • On dry winter days, you can add a corn kernel size of honey to the total amount of gel you're applying to the whole head of hair.  It helps moisture from the atmosphere be drawn into your hair to keep the curls from drying out.  
    • Scrunch-squeeze like crazy to remove all water from the hair and get the most bouncy curls and diffuse dry for the most curls and volume.
    • To elongate curls, 'MILK THE COW' motions down larger sections of hair to remove excess moisture and hood dry or air dry to keep curls elongated.

    Read product descriptions for more details.