Curl Boosters

Want to take your curls from good to GREAT? Boost those curls by using these uplifting products.  If you desire seeing more or tighter curls, add these into your routine as the first product after you're done conditioning.  Add some diffusing and you'll see much more curls than you would just air drying. These products are best applied on soaking wet hair, so as soon as you finish your final rinse under the water, have your products ready to go.  These products work best when first applied by the 'prayer method' to evenly distribute from mid-shaft to ends of the hair first, then a little on the roots. Then proceed to raking the product into the hair with your fingers and really pushing them into the hair to settle down frizz (optional step: if you prefer clumping, then after you're done raking just add a quick splash of water over top of your scalp and let it run down over the curls to reclump them back together again).  Then scrunch your curls up towards your scalp and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch to reactivate.  

These products normally go on BEFORE your gels or creams (see Gels, Custards & Spray Gels and also Styling Creams categories for options) to boost the curls.

Pro Tip:

  • I normally apply a gel or custard product overtop of these curl boosters to lock in the curl formations, unless you prefer a bit of frizz and a very light hold then these would be all you'd need.  

 Read the product descriptions for more info on how to use each one.