Moisture is essential to healthy, happy curls. For curly girls, applying your conditioner is arguably the most important step in your whole styling process!  To get the best results, start by using a half golfball sized amount ( a quarter sized amount for fine or thin hair, and a larger lime sized amount for thick/long/dense hair) and apply to SOAKING wet hair.  The longer and thicker your hair is, the more you would need (up to a palm full) and since you have it in the hair, give yourself a quick douse of very warm water to your scalp (2 seconds) and let it run down over the hair.  Work through your tangles with your fingers, and once tangles are out you can start the 'squish to condish' process (read my 'Curly Girl Secret #3' Blog article for the method.  You know when you are done when you feel like your hair is saturated in water and most of the conditioner is gone. Hair should feel slimy like seaweed. You can either stop there and start to apply your styling products, OR add a nickel sized amount of 'Leave in Conditioner and Detanglers' (available here in the store) back into the hair before applying products.

Pro Tip:

  • Remember, conditioners need added water to really spread and work through your curls.  When you come across a tangle, instead of adding more conditioner, just add more water and it should loosen it right up and save you some conditioner ;)   
  • The general rule of curls is: the thicker/more dense the hair, the more conditioner you leave in.  The finer/less dense the hair, the more you rinse out.
  • Anytime you add water to the hair, you want to have it hit the scalp first and trickle down over the hair. 

Read the product descriptions for more info on each one.