Non-Lathering Cleansers

These cleansers have been formulated to cleanse without lathering with bubbles and are more moisturizing than shampoos that lather.   What is important with all sulfate free cleansers is that they need your help for them to be properly removed from the hair.  Using your finger pads to scrub it off your scalp while rinsing for at least a minute will ensure they are removed.  They tend to build up on the scalp if you aren't thoroughly scrubbing them out.  If your hair is on the dryer side and with relentless frizz, choose a non-lathering cleanser.  

Pro Tip:

  • If you find that after using these types of cleansers that you have a residue on the roots area, or greasy look to the hair; you either have not scrubbed it well enough off the scalp while rinsing, OR you may have really fine/thin hair and this product is too heavy for you.
  • If you have finer textured hair, or enjoy lots of volume and don't have a ton of trouble with frizz/don't mind it because it gives you body, choose a 'Lathering Cleanser' in the online store instead.

Read each individual product for more details on each one.