Clarifying Cleansers

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    When you find your curls more frizzy than usual, the change is either weather related, not enough product used when styling, or due to product or chlorine buildup. Use these sulfate free, extra cleansing shampoo's every 3-4 weeks to remove excess buildup from dirt, hard water, chlorine, product buildup, and environmental debris.  They can really re-boot your curls and give them life again! Individuals with very fine hair may fine they definitely need to use them twice a month.

    Pro Tip:

    • Apply roots to ends all over the hair, lather up and set it sit for 5 mins for best results
    • Using these too often may leave your hair feeling dry, so make sure to either use less often, OR remember to do a deep moisturizing treatment after each time you clarify.

    Read product descriptions for more details.

    2 products