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DevaCurl Set it Free

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If you want to seal in moisture, fight frizz and add shine to your curls after styling, this is just what you need! The lightweight, nourishing formula, made with olive oil and beeswax, zaps frizz and brings back softness. Set it Free blasts curls with essential moisture and adds bounce and shine.  It comes in two sizes: 3 oz and 6 oz

  • Best for all hair types, especially wavy and curly
  • Use in small amounts on fine hair and only to break the cast
  • Wavy and curly can use when wet or used dry to break the cast
  • Can be used as a filler before your gel on wavy and curly hair
  • Can refresh curls on multiple day hair and calms frizz midday
  • Break the cast
  • Apply to hands first, then hair
  • Keep the 3oz in your purse!
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How to use:

  • To seal in moisture after styling, spray all over your curls.
  • Use as needed between wash days to tame frizz and rehydrate.

Insider Tip: Set it Free can be used on wet hair, similar to a leave in conditioner (try a nickel size and apply from mid-shaft down to the ends of your hair), or use a light spray onto your hands (4-6 pumps) then scrunch into your hair (ends first) as you are breaking your product cast after your hair is 100% dry.  It's also great to mix with water in your hands ( 1 squirt of Set it Free to a handful of water) and refresh your curls on days 2, 3, 4, etc. This product is NEVER sprayed onto the hair; I always spray it in my hands first and then apply it.

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