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    The last step in the styling process is breaking the wet look aka product cast when your hair is fully dry. As the hair dries, the styling products you used will create a product cast (sometimes you're barely able to feel it, sometimes it's firm). It's important to break that product cast, even if you can't feel it; this will remove the 'wet' or 'noodle' look to the curls and will reveal soft, luscious, defined hair.

    Use any of these products mixed with a drop or two of oil to remove the sticky feeling if you find it's an issue. You can also define any frizzy curls that may have missed getting product when you initially applied it. These cast breaking products are great for refreshing your multiple day curls if water just tends to make your curls frizzy.  The oils can also be used in the LOC method (Leave in Conditioner, Oil, Styling Cream) which is best for thick/dense/super curly hair.  

    Pro Tip:

    • Oils here can also be used as a treatment (think 'hot VO5 hot oil treatment') where you apply it to dry hair, put on a plastic cap & towel and let the heat of your head help the oil penetrate for 30 mins (you can also use a hairdryer to heat it up, a microwaveable heat cap, or hood dryer). They can be used to pre-poo the hair so it absorbs just the right amount of water. 

    Read product descriptions for more details.

    1 product