Curl Keeper Flexy Brush

Curl Keeper Flexy Brush
Curl Keeper Flexy Brush - Curly Hair Goodie Shop by Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist

Curl Keeper Flexy Brush

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This brush is built strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Great for shower use, combing through conditioner removes all tangles and shampoo massaging will clean the scalp. The Flexy Brush has flexible multi dimensional silicone bristles for sensitive scalps & stubborn knots. The Flexy brush can help clean the scalp while detangling. It can even be used on wigs, extensions and blow-dry styling. This version is the larger version, and the kids' size can be found here:  Kids Flexy Brush

Use this brush to apply your products once hair is detangled if no amount of raking will give you smooth curl clumps. Always start from the ends (tips) and work your way to the roots. 

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