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By Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist
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By Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist
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Keep your curls protected and beautiful.
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Clarifying Cleansers

When you find your curls more frizzy than usual, the change is either weather related, not enough product used when styling, or due to buildup.

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What our Customers are saying...

Safe and trustworthy place to get information and products for all your curly hair needs. Easy to use site, lots of information, it's my go to place for curly products and you support a small business too!

Laura Ferreras

Always a great selection of products and descriptions on how to use them. It’s great to have the pick up option as well. Krista is very knowledgeable about all the products and it’s always a welcome surprise when a little sample is included with the order.

Leisa Whalen

Krista is a knowledgeable and talented professional who carries high quality products which are formulated to be curly hair friendly. Her store has a great selection and a wonderful search feature which makes shopping a snap. Beyond all that, she is a lovely human who genuinely cares about her clients and customers.

Brenna Rae MacNaughton

Since starting my curly girl journey a year ago I have learned so much from Krista and her community. I honestly feel like I would be lost without all the help, tips and tricks. I also love that I can get so amazing products from her shop and help support her small business at the same time!

Brandy Reynolds

I love Krista’s cuts and the styling advice she has given me (technique and product). Her store is always stocked with great (mostly Canadian) products, and anything she has recommended for me has been helpful. I like the samples she offers so I can try new products before buying.

Cheryl Funder

Krista’s online store has become my “go to” for curly hair products. I really appreciate the description/suggestions included with each quality product and the very responsive shipping.

Cindy Dove

Not only is Krista the most educated stylist I have found for curly hair, her online store goes above and beyond for education and service! Krista has taken the time to write a description and suggested methods of use for each product that she carries. I know that when I order from Krista's online store, I am getting quality products and amazing support.

Carolyn Campbell

I ordered some products from Krista and they were great, loving the deep conditioner!

Carley Madeline

Krista is an expert when it comes to Curly and Wavy hair. She has vast experience in her field. Her On-Line Store offers products that are CG friendly. Krista is very helpful when you have questions or challenges with your curls.

Susan Brunton

Deep Treatments

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